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Client applications

These are some of our favorite client applications. There are some others out there and you can refer to the GeoServer client page for more information. MapBuilder A javascript client that supports OGC WMS and WFS requests, so you can view and edit spatial data through the web browser. GeoServer has MapBuilder built in as […]

The WFS and WMS Services

OGC Web Services for accessing Geographic Data The Open Geospatial Consortium has defined several Open Web Services for accessing (usually geographic) data. There are two basic service sets – the Web Feature Services (WFS) and the Web Map Services (WMS). The WFS is concerned with direct access to your data – reading, writing, and updating […]

Why use open standards?

Why use Open Services GeoServer is strongly committed to open standards for its geospatial web services. Currently this is strongly centered around the Open Geospatial Consortium’s Open Web Services architecture, as they have the largest consensus among industry and government, and have some very high quality specifications. But GeoServer remains un-ideological about the particular standard, […]

Why use open source?

  The subject of Open Source vs. Proprietary software is a huge one, which we will not seek to fully address here. Chris Holmes wrote a paper (link to paper) on the potential of Open Source for implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures (link to glossary), which does a more an in depth treatment of the subject.For […]

Hello GeoServer World

Hello GeoServer fans and developers, this is our first of many GeoServer blog posts. Here we will tell you about the latest news and updates, along with open discussions on where GeoServer is headed. You will also find posts about the latest tutorials and documentation, as well as our new screencasts. For the technically savvy […]

GeoServer is the official home of GeoServer. There you will find downloads, documentation, and the latest news. The page is a Wiki so feel free to add or edit documentation.


This is the official GeoServer blog. Most things GeoServer related, some things not. This blog is ideal for those who don’t want to sift through the email list to see what is going on in GeoServer-land. It is a good place to get the general feel of what is going on and where we are […]

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