Monthly Archives: March 2007

Help us test 1.5.0-RC3!

The GeoServer team has been working away trying to get things ready for our completely stable 1.5.0 release. We’re crossing our fingers that this is the final release candidate, but we want to make sure it’s incredibly solid. So you can help us out a ton by downloading the release and reporting any and all […]

The 37 gigabyte GML file

As GeoServer matures one of the main focuses becomes the ability to scale – dealing with both large amounts of data and large amounts of users. I got a bit of time to play with GeoServer a week or so ago, and wanted to test out a bit of the large data side of things. […]

GeoServer 1.5.0-RC2 released

The GeoServer team is proud to announce the second release candidate for the 1.5 series. This release brings us closer to the stable 1.5.0 release of GeoServer that contains the new and exciting coverage support (WCS). To compliment the release we have created more documentation and tutorials, along with some tools to help you process […]

Call For Workshops

Several deadlines are approaching to turn in proposals for conferences and events, most notably FOSS4G and Google’s Summer of Code, and we are currently working out what we would like to present. This is a great time to get input from the community to see what you would like us to talk about, demo, teach, […]

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