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256 color images

Geoserver WMS has been know so far for the beautiful looking maps it’s able to generate. This is the result of true color rendering, antialiasing, and SLD expressiveness. Yet, there is a price to pay for such an output: size. Image files generated by the current WMS are big, and this shows up quite evidently […]

Is GeoServer ready for Java 1.5?

We’ve recently been kicking around the notion of requiring Java 1.5 to run GeoServer. There are a few nice features, such as generics and annotations, that are useful when you’re aiming to be a framework instead of just an application. And some potential libraries, like user interface ones, are starting to require Java 1.5. Other […]

Roadmap scorecard

So I’m about to update the GeoServer Roadmap, since the short term projects currently listed should be done. And I thought before doing that I’d see how we did against the previous goals. Of course we don’t make any promises about delivery of these, unless of course someone funds a core developer to meet a […]


With all the releases that the GeoServer team has been making, topped off by 1.5.0, we’ve managed to crack the top 20 open source projects on for ‘vitality’. We’ve got a lot more coming out soon, so hopefully we’ll be up there and even higher in the future. If you’re reading this today, you […]

GeoServer 1.5.0 Released

The GeoServer Project is proud to announce the release of version 1.5.0. This release turns GeoServer in to a complete solution for serving any type of spatial data, as the primary focus has been support for raster formats, starting with GeoTiff, ArcGrid, World Images, GTOPO30, and image mosiacs and pyramids. As always GeoServer is focused […]

Translators Apply Here

As we get closer and closer to GeoServer 1.5.0 it is time to make sure that our translations are up to date. Currently GeoServer maintains translations for the French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages. We have been able to so with kind contributions from our users. And we are always looking to expand in order […]

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