Monthly Archives: May 2007

Geoserver 1.5.1-RC1 released

Geoserver 1.5.1-rc1 has been released, and can be downloaded from SourceForge. This release contains a number of interesting new features such as: Chinese translation Portuguese translation OpenLayers map preview (replaces the MapBuider previews) KML legend support KML superoverlay / region support Multiple base map layers can now be configured Support for CRS with units other […]

GeoServer in Brazil

Just wanted to share some international developments in the community – the energy in Brazil around GeoServer seems to have crystallized in some great ways. Fernando Quadro has informed us that he gave an introductory course to GeoServer at III ENUM. Afterwards participants were interesting in sustaining communication, so they started a new GeoServer Portuguese […]

New GeoServer homepage

Just a quick note, we’ve recently gone live with our new homepage, at Yes, we know it looks almost just like the old one. The one big new ‘feature’ is that we’ve incorporated a little OpenLayers demo, that serves up data from GeoServer. And it also has a better display of this blog. The […]

Web Processing Service (WPS) demos with GeoServer

Theodor Foerster, of 52North and ITC, has been leveraging GeoServer in his work on generalization of geospatial data using the new Web Processing Service specification. He recently posted some nice new work, including updates to the Web Processing Service web app, as well as a new WPS client written as a plug-in to uDig. Awhile […]

GeoServer and DB2 Express-C plus Spatial Extender

We recently learned about IBM’s DB2 Express-C database, a free version of DB2 that comes with less restrictions than the free Oracle XE (which GeoServer also supports through Oracle Locator).  Our main curiosity is if it will work with GeoServer.  So we got in touch with David Adler, our community member from IBM, to ask […]

Open Web Mapping Course from Penn State

While others have mentioned this, I figured it was worthwhile to point out here, as there’s a lot of great tutorial information on GeoServer contained in Ian Turton’s new Open Web Mapping Course. He managed to get the content released under a creative commons license, so all are able to make use of his great […]

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