Monthly Archives: August 2007

FOSS4G07 Drawing Near

The one month countdown to FOSS4G07 has begun. The conference is running from September 24 – 27 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The GeoServer community will be quite active at this years conference with a total of 6 presentations and 1 workshop scheduled! The following is a list of the presentations, be sure to check […]

GeoServer embraces the GeoWeb

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 1.5.3. This version represents the culmination of a ton of hard work to make GeoServer more compatible with the new formats gaining great popularity in the rapidly expanding geo world. Foremost among the improvements is a number of advances in our support for Google Earth. KML, […]

GeoServer's Google Earth abilities featured on

Just recently Justin Lokitz of Leica published a new article on Oracle’s Technology Network entitled ‘Integrating Oracle Spatial with Google Earth‘.  We were quite pleased to find that instead of telling people how to hand code some scripts for one-off KML his article instead highlighted the capabilities of GeoServer, demonstrating how it can be leveraged […]

Help us test GeoServer 1.5.2

So we were hoping to do a big announcement of GeoServer 1.5.2 today. But our ambitious bug fixes and improvements (over 80 issues) has come back to haunt us, and taught us an important lesson about doing release candidates first, even if 1.5.2-RC1 doesn’t sound great to our ears. We squeezed in lots of Google […]

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