Monthly Archives: August 2008

1.7.0-RC1: Release Early And Often

Our mantra around here is “release early and often” and we’re certainly holding to that these days.  The GeoServer team is woking on three (yes, three) parallel tracks of GeoServer.  First, there is the stable branch, currently at 1.6.4, which is current recommended version for those who need rock-solid dependability and minimal fuss.  Last week, […]

Tele Atlas Heart GeoServer

It’s nice to see that GeoServer is getting some recognition from those in the wider commercial GIS world. Tele Atlas, the map data provider famously known for providing its road data to Google Maps, has written a white paper on “Open Source Map Rendering.” The white paper zeros in on GeoServer as its open source […]

A New UI is Dawning

The GeoServer team has been working on something very exciting over the past few months, that we’d like to share with you now.  We have the beginnings of a brand new user interface on the admin console for GeoServer.

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