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Cataloging Archaeological Sites, A MEGA Project

I just ran across this interesting post from a few weeks ago.  It seems that an alphabet soup of non-profit companies, The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), World Monuments Fund (WMF), and Jordan Department of Antiquities (DoA) are developing a geographic information system to manage archaeological sites in Jordan. The Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) […]

GeoServer on

GeoServer has been mentioned on the website  In their Tips And Tricks area, they have written a quick tutorial on installing and running GeoServer in Linux (Ubuntu, specifically), downloading a TIGER shapefile, loading the shapefile in GeoServer, and even a brief introduction to styling.  This page covers a lot of ground in a short […]

GeoServer 1.7.0-RC3: Even More Almost There

We seem to be releasing something every week now, a testament to our tireless developers and input of the community.  Last week, we released 1.6.5, which is still the official stable release at the time of writing.  However, we are closer than ever to a stable release of the 1.7.0 branch, and today we release […]

GeoServer 1.6.5 Released!

The GeoServer team would like to present the newest stable version of GeoServer, 1.6.5. This is likely to be the last release of the 1.6.x branch, as development moves towards a stable version of 1.7.x. Nevertheless, this is an important release, as it features a whopping 65 bug fixes and improvements. Special thanks go to […]

Near South Africa? Stop By FOSS4G!

Each year, the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference (FOSS4G) brings together the best minds from the open-source geospatial software world to discuss their work and hopes for the future. GeoServer will be well represented in at least three presentations, two workshops, two posters, and one lab session. Justin Deolivera and Andrea Aime […]

Batch Importing Shapefiles (The Adventure)

If you’ve ever needed to import multiple shapefiles into GeoServer, you know that currently there aren’t any built-in tools to let you to do this.  I had to import about a hundred of them for some work I was doing, and it simply wasn’t feasible to do them one at a time.  (Recall that shapefiles […]

1.7.0-RC2: Almost There

We’ve received some good feedback from the community on the first release candidate of version 1.7.0, and have made some improvements that we wanted to share with you.  This second release candidate is more stable and features some code-tightening as well (MIME types are now case insensitive, a limited SRS list persists again, and more.)  […]

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