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Hibernate and GeoServer: seeking for scalability and robustness

At GeoSolutions we have decided to tackle scalability and robustness problems by implementing a new GeoServer internal catalog that leverages on Hibernate as its persistence engine and that would also not bring the whole configuration into memory. Our goal is to be able to support at least Postgis and Oracle as the target database, but as you know, many more are supported by Hibernate (spatialite wi ontheradar as well).
The range of features that this work would open up is pretty wide, just think about using Hibernate distributed caching, simplified GeoServer replication, etc., etc.

GeoServer and JBoss 5.x

We have been using JBoss extensively in the last two years in order deploy GeoServer along with some custom extensions as well as a few other proprietary application. Lately we have started to experiment a bit with JBoss 5.x and since people seem to have problems deplying GeoServer in it weput together a post on […]

Chinese forum Launched

GeoServer can now add one more language of support to its ever growing list. Kevin Yang has created a web forum for GeoServer users in Chinese. Here is his welcome message. Stop on by and say 你好!

GeoServer 2.0 moves to Release Candidate status

The GeoServer Team would like to announce that GeoServer 2.0 is now out of beta and has moved into Release Candidate status. In case you haven’t been following our previous posts, GeoServer 2.0 contains a completely redesigned user interface, using Wicket. Based on feedback from our beta testers, the move to RC1 consisted mainly of […]

Showcasing the integrated Community Earth Model

CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship and its partner AuScope are conducting a nationwide workshop to showcase the new technologies available to the geoscience community to access data about the Australian landscape. The AuScope Web Services Roadshow is visiting every state geological survey in Australia. AuScope is helping to build an e-research infrastructure to federate nationally […]

GeoServer 1.7.6 Released

GeoServer 1.7.6 marks the seventh stable release of the 1.7 series. As the development focus of the GeoServer team moves more towards the eventual release of 2.0, the 1.7 series is winding down.  This release focused mostly on bug squashing and general stability, with improvements implemented for the shapefile output format and Next Generation Oracle […]

GeoServer in InfoGEO magazine

GeoServer is featured in an article in InfoGEO magazine. Written by active community member Fernando Quadro, the article is a brief overview of GeoServer. There may not be anything new here for those who are already familiar with GeoServer, but it’s still great to see GeoServer in print. Original Article English translation (via Google Translate) […]

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