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Meetup at JavaOne / Where 2.0

Chris Holmes and I are at JavaOne in San Francisco this week, and Chris and Justin will also be going to Where 2.0. We are wondering whether there are any GeoServer users here, or in the bay area in general, that would be interested in meeting for lunch? Tentatively around noon tomorrow, Thursday the 8th, […]

GeoWebCache 0.8.0

GeoWebCache has been pulled apart and put together again with Spring, the result is version 0.8.0 (click here to download WAR and source) and it is much more modular and configurable than previous versions. The goal of this exercise was to make it easier to integrate with GeoServer, which has already been done and will […]

GeoWebCache 0.7.2

Just a quick shout: The .war for GeoWebCache 0.7.0 was accidentally compiled using a mixture of Java versions and was therefore quietly replaced with 0.7.1 the same morning. Since then Andrea and Jason have been busy reporting bugs, most of which have been closed. Updates include the return of JAI, support for vendor specific parameters […]

GeoWebCache 0.7.1

GeoWebCache 0.7.1 is out on SourceForge. There was an issue with the WAR file, so the release has been bumped by .1 since last night. The actual code diff to 0.6.0 is 3746 lines (excluding openlayers and the formatter.xml), so there is a substantial number of changes under the hood. One of the main things […]

Announcing GeoWebCache 0.6.0

GeoWebCache is finally out in the open and announced on and other pages. This should really have happened a long time ago, and there are many reasons for why it didn’t, but I am very excited about the current momentum. GeoWebCache, is a tile cache, meaning it acts as a proxy between the client […]

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