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Breaking our own records

When the GeoServer Team announced GeoServer 1.7.3 last Wednesday, the response was quite impressive. GeoServer received the largest amount of downloads in a single day on Thursday, March 12th, at over 1,500 (normally the number is less than half that). Our website hit a new record of visits as well. While we’re all delighted, I […]

GeoServer 1.7.3 Released

The GeoServer team is proud to announce the release of GeoServer 1.7.3. The team has been busy in the six weeks since the previous release, with a code sprint in New York last month and a whopping 63 bugs and new features fixed and implemented (respectively, of course). This release brings improved support for ArcSDE […]

GeoServer and the World Glacier Inventory

The most common question I hear from GeoServer users is:  “Who else is using GeoServer?”  So when I find a great example of GeoServer in the wild, I like to pass it along. The National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado has a large collection of freely downloadable data, and they are serving […]

Throw GeoServer a curve (and it will be labeled)

Improvements to GeoServer are being made all the time, but to the average user, not all improvements are immediately discernible. However, recently a new feature has been added to GeoServer’s rendering algorithms, and all I can say is “wow.” I am referring to curved line labeling. Labels on lines have rendering challenges that points and […]

GeoServer, Google Maps, and Geo Search: A Request For Data

Are you or your organization serving data publicly via GeoServer?  Would you like this data to be searchable via Google Maps? At OpenGeo we are testing out new “geo search” functionality in GeoServer.  We believe this is the future of finding geospatial information on the web.  While still in development, this functionality will be available […]

Do uDig?

I’d like to quickly congratulate the uDig developers team for releasing the newest version of uDig.  uDig 1.1 has a venerable history.  Quite a venerable history, as releases go.  In fact, I think uDig might be in line for some kind of Guinness-style award for having the most release candidates (with 14 RCs and even […]

GeoServer Benchmarks at FOSS4G 2008

There are some questions that are asked quite frequently by people who are using GeoServer, or who are thinking about doing so. And certain ones can’t be so easily answered as those in our FAQ. One of the most common I see is this: “GeoServer is nifty, but is it fast?”   Clearly some benchmarks […]

1.7.0-RC4: Fourth Time Is The Charm?

Today we have a new release candidate of GeoServer 1.7.x for everyone’s testing pleasure.  We don’t wish to invoke Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox, but we are in fact very close to the release.  In truth this release candidate only includes six new bug fixes (the most notable regarding projection persistence and Google Earth overlays).  If it […]

Adesso abbiamo una mailing list per voi

Here’s a quick announcement for all those who understand the above.  GeoServer now has an Italian language users mailing list!  Created and moderated by core GeoServer developer Andrea Aime, the mailing list is a resource for those who would like assistance in all things GeoServer, but prefer to discuss in Italian.  This marks the third […]

GeoServer Rebranded

For the past few months, the GeoServer team has been working behind the scenes on rebranding GeoServer.  Historically, GeoServer hasn’t had a very strong visual identity, but there has been significant interest as of late, especially as talk of the new GeoServer UI has entered alpha status.  So, ace stylers Andy Cochran and Chris Patterson […]

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