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GeoServer 1.5.0-RC2 released

The GeoServer team is proud to announce the second release candidate for the 1.5 series. This release brings us closer to the stable 1.5.0 release of GeoServer that contains the new and exciting coverage support (WCS). To compliment the release we have created more documentation and tutorials, along with some tools to help you process […]

Call For Workshops

Several deadlines are approaching to turn in proposals for conferences and events, most notably FOSS4G and Google’s Summer of Code, and we are currently working out what we would like to present. This is a great time to get input from the community to see what you would like us to talk about, demo, teach, […]

GeoServer 1.5.0-RC1 released

We have just released our first release candidate for the 1.5 series of GeoServer that you can download here. The main feature of 1.5 is support for ‘raster’ formats, like geotiff, arcgrid, gtopo30, and more. These are accessible not just through the WMS, but there also through the new Web Coverage Service (WCS) interface.  In […]

New Coverage Tutorials

In light of our upcoming official 1.5 release, we have made a couple tutorials about Coverages to assist in the transition. For beginners, we have a tutorial that walks through the basic steps of adding a TIFF dataset to GeoServer. And then for the more advanced user, there is a tutorial on creating and adding […]

GeoServer Mentioned in GIM International

The GIS magazine GIM International has an article about GeoServer that summarizes up our development process and features really well. It also takes a good look at the previous year’s development efforts and what you can expect to see in the future. Take a look at the article here.

GeoServer 1.5.0-beta2 released

We have released our second beta version of GeoServer 1.5.0. It contains many bug fixes and improvements. You can find the download here. Another useful feature it has is the ability to add coverages outside of your data directory. Our next round of releases before the official 1.5.0 release are going to contain several larger […]

IBM and DB2

Last week one of our users alerted us that IBM is now listing GeoServer as an open source option for DB2, their spatial database offering. This is obviously a nice endorsement of GeoServer, as IBM is a serious player and DB2 is their premier spatial database, and they are pointing their users to GeoServer as […]

Google Earth and GeoServer

As some of you may know, GeoServer can serve up WMS data as KML or KMZ for Google Earth. There is a full video tutorial located here on how to set it up. One of the tools GeoServer has to make serving up KML/KMZ easier is a reflector script. This exists so people don’t have […]

GeoServer 1.4.0 has arrived!

It’s finally here! Version 1.4.0 is out the door and kicking. This is quite an exciting release for us because it is taking GeoServer in a new, more developer friendly, direction with the Spring framework it is built on. What we gain from this new framework is the ability to modularize GeoServer into separate components […]

Client applications

These are some of our favorite client applications. There are some others out there and you can refer to the GeoServer client page for more information. MapBuilder A javascript client that supports OGC WMS and WFS requests, so you can view and edit spatial data through the web browser. GeoServer has MapBuilder built in as […]

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