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GeoServer Trainings

The GeoServer Community is pleased to announce a new section of the website devoted to Training. It’s yet another sign of the maturity of the GeoServer project, as there are an increasing number of options for people getting started with GeoServer or looking to advance their skills. Depending on interest we also hope to have [...]

GeoServer 2.1-beta2 now available

We are pleased to announce the second beta release of GeoServer 2.1.  Big thanks goes out to GeoSolutions for stepping up to the unglamorous and thankless process of creating a release, not to mention adding lots of great new features. GeoServer 2.1.0 is shaping up to be quite an incredible step forward. In addition to [...]

GeoServer helps you get a job

The opportunities available to those with experience in GeoServer seem to be growing all the time.  As more organizations rely on GeoServer for their applications they seek people who already have experience working with the software.  The best kind of experience is being able to point to actual involvement in the project, so I encourage [...]

A mailing list for Japanese users.

After a nice showing at the FOSS4G Tokyo and Osaka conferences we decided the time had come for a new GeoServer language users mailing list.  Taking advantage of the fact that GeoServer just got accepted to OSGeo incubation the new list is on the OSGeo infrastructure, at The mailing list is a resource for [...]

GeoServer accepted to OSGeo incubation

It’s official!  We are pleased to announce that GeoServer has been accepted into incubation at the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).  Putting GeoServer under the same roof as all the best geospatial projects in the open source world is a great advance for the project.  While GeoServer is not yet an official OSGeo project, just [...]

GeoServer 2.0-RC2 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of (hopefully) the final release candidate of version 2.0: GeoServer 2.0-RC2! The main focus of this release was getting every little detail in order for 2.0.0.  There were a number of critical issues discovered that have been fixed, and much work was done on the documentation.  [...]


Just wanted to give a shout out to a great event for those in Africa or interested in the application of geospatial technologies in Africa.  WhereCampAfrica is an unconference, in the style of BarCamp and WhereCamp, where anyone can show up and present and discuss the (spatial) ideas that excite them.  It should be a [...]

Safe FME and GeoServer

OpenGeo and Safe Software have been talking about working together to make life easier for users of FME and GeoServer.  We’ve both been hearing more about organizations using FME to solve their data conversion challenges and then making the results available to the world using the OpenGeo Stack. While many people are making things work [...]

Jobs in GeoServer land

So one of the nice indicators of the success of GeoServer is the fact that skills in the technology can now actually pay the bills. As more and more organizations are relying on it and building solutions using it as a base, those who have experience with deploying and programming with GeoServer have become in [...]

GeoServer and Google’s Geo Search

A quick announcement, that we’ve been showing off at Where 2.0: OpenGeo is building GeoServer 1.7.0 to be automatically crawlable by Google’s Geo Search. David and Arne have been working on trunk, and we’ve stood up a working prototype at This has been crawled by Google’s crawler, and is now findable from Google Maps [...]

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