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What browsers do you use with GeoServer?

On the GeoServer developer list we’ve been discussing reducing browser support in the GeoServer web administration console – browser-based clients using OpenLayers and other JavaScript mapping libraries would be unaffected but the admin console would have support for fewer browsers.  Please help inform this decision by letting us know which browsers you are using to [...]

GeoServer has moved to GitHub

GeoServer and GeoTools have moved to Git and GitHub for version control and source hosting.  We hope that this change will make work easier for existing GeoServer developers and encourage contributions from new ones. Git is a relatively new version management software.  Compared with the Subversion software that GeoServer previously used, it offers several features [...]

Styling GeoServer Layers with CSS

GeoServer users have a lot to wrap their heads around. We need to optimize our servlet containers, determine projections for all those broken shapefiles, and remember to fill out layer metadata. One issue in particular that comes up again and again is difficulty with creating SLD files to style maps. It is hardly surprising that [...]

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