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GeoServer 1.7.3 Updated

A quick note to all those who recently downloaded GeoServer 1.7.3. The release has been patched to address a bug with the user interface. The patched release can be found on the download page. The bug prevents a user from editing a feature type directly after it has been added. For those not wanting to upgrade […]

GeoServer 1.7.2 Released

The GeoServer team would like to announce the release of GeoServer 1.7.2. This release brings many exciting new features. The first major improvement is label rendering. In version 1.7.1, GeoServer added support for curved labeling. In this version, support is added for wrapped labels, which enables a label to span multiple lines. This feature affects […]

GeoExt Based SLD Editor

Just in time for the holiday season the GeoServer team is happy to announce the coming of a new SLD editor extension based on the newly founded GeoExt project. Download the new extension and try it out. It also requires the installation of the rest plugin. A quick walk through of the installation and functionality […]

GeoServer 1.7.1 Released

The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 1.7.1! The biggest improvement in this release is better Google Earth support.   Using revamped KML output (known as the KML “reflector”) GeoServer can now output vector super-overlays.  Prior to this version, data served by GeoServer when viewed in Google Earth would only update […]

Support for SQL Server

The GeoServer team is happy to announce an extension for Microsoft SQL Server, currently available as a nightly build. Instructions for getting the extension up and running are available on the wiki. At this point the extension is still quite young and is missing some key features like spatial indexing and support for well known […]

GeoServer 1.7.0 Released

The GeoServer team is proud to announce the release of GeoServer 1.7.0, available here for download. This is a very big release for GeoServer as the 1.7.x series brings some exciting new features and improvements. Security in 1.7 has been improved by allowing access control at the layer/feature type level, in addition to the service […]

GeoServer Featured in GIS Development

Early this year I submitted an article to GIS Development and it got published in the February issue!! You can check out the article here. Let us know what you think.

GeoServer 1.6.0-RC3 Released!

We are happy to announce the third release candidate for 1.6.0. You can grab it from SourceForge. That coveted 1.6.0 release is getting closer and closer and we are almost there. The previous release candidate brought out some performance related issues. A memory leak issue and a problem with filter parsing leading to stack overflows. […]

GeoServer 1.6.0-RC2 Released!

We are happy to announce the second release candidate of GeoServer 1.6.0. You can download the release from SourceForge. As usual this release candidate brings a heap of bug fixes, with a few minor improvements. Output formats such as KML, SVG, and GeoRSS have been tightened up fixing a few minor bugs. Backend issues such […]

GeoServer Hits 10,000 Downloads!

As many know, GeoServer 1.5.3 was released this past August. Well the numbers are in and it appears that 1.5.3 was warmly welcomed by the masses. August reported a record breaking 10,550 downloads of GeoServer in one month!! For more information check out the SourceForge statistics over this year which show the August spike. Also […]

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