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Month in Review: September 2012

There was some very interesting GeoServer-related content published  throughout this summer and into the fall. Individuals and organizations are working hard on the project, and making news daily. Below you’ll find some highlights from the last few months: GeoServer 2.2 Released (GeoServer) GeoServer has moved to GitHub (GeoServer) Surface Interpolation in GeoServer (OpenGeo) Using GeoServer’s [...]

GeoServer 2.2 Released

The GeoServer team is happy to announce to the release of GeoServer 2.2 and encourage you to download it and try out the great new features. The release of a new major version update is a big deal (the last one was over 16 months ago) and, while you may have heard about some of the new features [...]

Month in Review: June 2012

A lot of great GeoServer-related content is published every month by individuals and organizations working on the project. Below you’ll find some highlights from the previous month: Dynamic WMS styling with GeoServer: SLD and library mode (GeoSolutions) GeoServer Stunning image quality + max compression rate = New PNG8 quantizer is served! (GeoSolutions) Accurate datum shift [...]

Happy anniversary, GeoServer-BR!

Congratulations to the GeoServer community in Brazil for five years of activity! Since the first training conducted at ENUM III, the Lusophone community has grown to more than 500 mailing list subscribers and 3200 email threads from across several Portuguese-speaking countries.  Most notable among their many achievements, however, is the establishment of GeoServer as the official map server of INDE, the Brazilian [...]

GeoServer 2.2-beta Released

We’re happy to announce to the beta release of GeoServer 2.2-beta and encourage you to download it, try out the great new features, and let us know if there are any bugs. Since this is the first beta release, we recommend against deploying it in a production environment without first undertaking extensive testing. That said, we’re [...]

Ahora tenemos un grupo de discusión para la comunidad hispano-hablante

Here’s a quick announcement for all those who understand the above:  GeoServer now has a Spanish language users mailing list!  Created and moderated by core GeoServer developer Gabriel Roldán, the mailing list is a resource for those who would like assistance in all things GeoServer, but prefer to discuss in Spanish.  This marks the fourth [...]

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