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Regular announcements both big and small. Here you will find the latest releases, decisions voted on by the PSC (Project Steering Committee), and major changes to GeoServer.

GeoServer 2.7-beta released

The GeoServer team is excited to announce the release of GeoServer 2.7-beta with some great new features. The download page for 2.7-beta provides links for zip, war, dmg and exe bundles. As a development release, 2.7-beta is considered experimental and is provided for testing purposes. This release is not recommended for production (even if you are enthusiastic by the new features). [...]

FOSS4G-NA and OSGeo Code Sprint

There are a couple of upcoming events that will be fun for all the GeoServer fans out there. FOSS4G-NA (March 9-12th) FOSS4G North America is set to be an amazing mix of open source activity. Held in San Francisco over March 9-12, the conference is co-located with EclipseCon and a PostgreSQL day. Co-locating reduces the [...]

GeoServer 2.5.4 Released

The GeoServer community is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.5.4, now available for download. This is the latest maintenance release for the GeoServer 2.5.4 series. Check out the change log for more details. Happy holidays and thanks for using GeoServer!  

GeoServer 2.6.0 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to account the greatly anticipated 2.6.0 release. This release is now available for download with zip, war, dmg and exe bundles available (see the change log for details on last minute fixes). Thanks to the user list for testing the 2.6-beta and 2.6-RC1, this collaboration and testing really helped smooth our migration [...]

GeoServer 2.6-RC1 Released

The GeoServer team is happy to account the 2.6-RC1 release, now available for download. This release contains a number of good improvements and bug fixes since the 2.6-beta release. See the change log for more details and check out the 2.6-beta announcement for more about what’s new in the 2.6 series. Download the release candidate [...]

GeoServer 2.4.8 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the final maintenance release of the GeoServer 2.4 serieis. You can download GeoServer 2.4.8 from our new website: GeoServer 2.4.8 download page The GeoServer 2.4.8 Release Notes detail a small number of changes in this final maintenance release: Performance: Avoid full namespace scan for GetFeature requests WPS fixes including [...]

AuScope Grid Roadshow 2014

Do you use geoscience or geospatial information in your research? Do you struggle to access data from across Australia from Government and research organisations? Do you spend too much time dealing with datasets or trying to find them rather than doing research? If you use geoscience information and would like to know about new methods [...]

GeoServer 2.6-beta Released

The GeoServer team is overjoyed to announce the release of GeoServer 2.6-beta. I hope you are enjoying the new website – the download page for 2.6-beta provides links to the expected zip, war, dmg and exe bundles. For this release we are experimenting with providing source downloads directly from the GitHub 2.6-beta tag. As a [...]

GeoServer 2.4.7 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the maintenance release of GeoServer 2.4.7:  GeoServer 2.4.7 download page This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 10.7. The GeoServer 2.4.7 Release Notes detail changes in this maintenance release, which include: Rendering and referencing improvements for both polar projections and whole earth projections. Rendering fixes for multi-line labels [...]

GeoServer 2.5.1 Released

The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.5.1. Download bundles are provided (zip, war, dmg and exe)  along with documentation and extensions. GeoServer 2.5.1 is the next the stable release of GeoServer and is recommended for production deployment. Thanks to everyone taking part, submitting fixes and new functionality: By popular request Top/Bottom labels when configuring [...]

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