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Notes, tips, and brain dumps by the developers. Largely technical but quite interesting to those interested in software design and GIS.

GeoServer Explorer Plugin for QGIS

Victor Olaya has just announced the QGIS GeoServer Explorer plugin which uses the REST API to configure GeoServer.  This plugin serves as a QGIS-based tool to configure and manage GeoServer catalogs, acting as a GUI for GeoServer. The GeoServer Explorer plugin also wraps up some QGIS functionality making it possible to perform operations that go […]

New repository and release delay

A quick message for all those who have been asking – I have started the GeoServer 2.8 release process but have run into a snag. The maven repository has been slowed down due to increased network traffic. We are setting up a replacement (cloud hosted which will allow allow more developers to manage). What […]

GeoServer FOSS4G 2015 Activities

Next week the open source spatial community is gathering in Seoul Korea for the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference – and GeoServer will be there! The final program has just been made available as a PDF. As the program does not include sessions abstracts they are included here – after the break.

GeoServer 2.4.0 Release Highlights

We noticed out friends at Slashgeo could not quite figure out what is new with the GeoServer 2.4.0 release – so we have updated the release announcement with a 2.4.0 feature list. For a more complete story check out the State of GeoServer 2013 presentation on on elogeo or slideshare. Let me call out several significant developments […]

GeoServer FOSS4G 2013

The GeoServer community was out in force at FOSS4G. GeoServer Workshops GeoServer was well represented at a range of workshops: W17: A complete open source web mapping stack (Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite): Jeffrey Johnson (Boundless) W18: Introduction to Mobile Web Development Using FOSS4G: Krisztian Olle (Envitia) W5: OGC services with GeoServer: from journeyman to master: […]

Vienna Code Sprint

This past week a few of the GeoServer developers gathered for a code sprint in Vienna, Austria. The sprint was planned by some of the OpenLayers developers and they graciously allowed us to join the party and share the venue for the week. Attendees from the GeoServer community included Andrea Aime, Niels Charlier, Justin Deoliveira, […]

Securing RESTful Services with GeoServer 2.0.1

A feature that has become quite popular in GeoServer over the last year has been the RESTful configuration plug-in (“restconfig”), that allows one to configure a GeoServer instance programmatically via simple HTTP operations. Recently the issue of security has come up with regards to the restconfig plug-in. Essentially it boils down to the fact that […]

Adding Time support to GeoServer via the ImageMosaic plugin

Lately, I have been working on adding support for the TIME attribute for GeoServer in WMS GetMap requests via an improvement of the ImageMosaic raster store: http://yourserver/geoserver/wms?REQUEST=GetMap&…&TIME=2009-12-12,2009-12-13&… You can get some more details on the GeoSolutions blog.

Meet the developers @ FOSS4G 2009

I am pleased to announce that we are organizing a “Birds of a Feather” session (what’s that?) at the FOSS4G 2009 Conference in Sydney, Australia. This session is to gather together everyone who is interested in discussing the past, present, and (bright) future of GeoServer. The session will be held on Thursday 22nd October, late […]

Printing module now available for GeoServer 1.7.x

I’ve ported the printing module, previously available only for GeoServer 2.0, to GeoServer 1.7.x. I’ve created a wiki page for those who want to check it out. PS: This post marks the end of my time interning with OpenGeo this summer. I’m glad to have had this opportunity to work on GeoServer, and hope that […]

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