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For the users. This group will contain discussions on how to use GeoServer and will point to new or updated tutorials.

Tele Atlas Heart GeoServer

It’s nice to see that GeoServer is getting some recognition from those in the wider commercial GIS world. Tele Atlas, the map data provider famously known for providing its road data to Google Maps, has written a white paper on “Open Source Map Rendering.” The white paper zeros in on GeoServer as its open source […]

GeoServer Tutorials from FOSS4G

Just quick note, the GeoServer team just put on a new workshop at FOSS4G.  The conference is just getting started, but after we finish up here we’ll work in the coming weeks to make those materials more generic and available to all.  For those who want a preview, or those in the workshop who want […]

GeoServer's Google Earth abilities featured on

Just recently Justin Lokitz of Leica published a new article on Oracle’s Technology Network entitled ‘Integrating Oracle Spatial with Google Earth‘.  We were quite pleased to find that instead of telling people how to hand code some scripts for one-off KML his article instead highlighted the capabilities of GeoServer, demonstrating how it can be leveraged […]

Open Web Mapping Course from Penn State

While others have mentioned this, I figured it was worthwhile to point out here, as there’s a lot of great tutorial information on GeoServer contained in Ian Turton’s new Open Web Mapping Course. He managed to get the content released under a creative commons license, so all are able to make use of his great […]

TileCache Tutorial

One of the nicest little pieces of software we’ve come across in the last few months has been MetaCarta’s TileCache, which performs a very specific job – caching WMS requests for use in clients that understand tiles – and does it very well. We are making good use of it on our demo site, to […]

New Coverage Tutorials

In light of our upcoming official 1.5 release, we have made a couple tutorials about Coverages to assist in the transition. For beginners, we have a tutorial that walks through the basic steps of adding a TIFF dataset to GeoServer. And then for the more advanced user, there is a tutorial on creating and adding […]

Google Earth and GeoServer

As some of you may know, GeoServer can serve up WMS data as KML or KMZ for Google Earth. There is a full video tutorial located here on how to set it up. One of the tools GeoServer has to make serving up KML/KMZ easier is a reflector script. This exists so people don’t have […]

Hello GeoServer World

Hello GeoServer fans and developers, this is our first of many GeoServer blog posts. Here we will tell you about the latest news and updates, along with open discussions on where GeoServer is headed. You will also find posts about the latest tutorials and documentation, as well as our new screencasts. For the technically savvy […]

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