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GeoServer code sprint success

It’s been an exciting time here at GeoServer HQ. To explain, let’s start with a little history lesson. History In 2009, GeoServer released GeoServer 2.0, sporting a new user interface based on Apache Wicket. Wicket allows Java developers to construct an AJAX UI with minimal HTML experience. Since its adoption, Wicket has made development of […]

GeoServer 2.8-RC1 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce GeoServer 2.8-RC1. Downloads are available (zip, war, dmg and exe) along with docs and extensions. This release is made by Kevin Smith (Boundless) in conjunction with GeoWebCache 1.8-RC1 and GeoTools14-RC1. This is a release candidate for final testing before we release 2.8.0. Fixes since beta: The WPS Download process cannot use output […]

GeoServer 2.7 released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the latest major release of GeoServer: version 2.7. Quick links: Windows installer OS X installer OS-independent binary Web Archive (WAR) More downloads… User Manual This release includes a variety of improvements and fixes provided by and for the community over the past six months since GeoServer 2.6 was […]

Unveiling the New Website

The GeoServer team is happy to announce the launching of a new website at http://geoserver.org. Over the past few weeks you may have noticed issues with the site being down or unresponsive. It has moved from a self hosted Confluence instance to a GitHub powered site that will be much more reliable moving forward. During this […]

GeoServer Online Code Sprint this Friday!

The GeoServer community is planning an online code sprint this Friday to fix bugs and improve documentation. Join us in #geoserver on Freenode and let’s see how productive we can be. To help coordinate efforts, Andrea Aime is has prepared a list of bugs on Jira to kick start the sprint. Regards, GeoServer Team

GeoServer Bug-Fix Online Code Sprint this Friday!

  Dear All, The GeoServer Community has planned an Online Code Sprint for Friday! This sprint is focused on bug-fixes and documentation for the upcoming 2.4 releases (although we will strive to perform bug fixes on 2.3.x “stable” as well). While this is not the first GeoServer Code Sprint  – it is the first time we […]

GeoServer, the perfect tool to reduce the unemployment rate!

These are harsh times for the economy around the world, unemployment rates are high everywhere especially for young people. It is however good to see job offers for professional with knowledge on GeoServer arising in varios parts of the world confirming that Open Source is an engine for growth. It’s becoming more and more common […]

GeoServer to the rescue with cascading services

The GeoServer Users mailing list is often replete with stories about how folks are using GeoServer to solve problems and be successful. For more casual watchers of GeoServer who are not on this list, you may not get to hear about these success stories. So, to switch things up on this blog, we thought we’d […]

GeoServer 2.1.1 Released

Close on the heels of the release of our newest stable branch, the GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.1.1. While primarily a bug-fixing release, a number of enhancements have been made, including support for the upcoming PostGIS 2.0, the addition of a number of new WPS processes and the addition […]

GeoServer 2.0.2 release

To meet the growing demand for a geospatial server that meets the open standards set by the Open Geospatial Consortium, the GeoServer community has worked hard to release the new GeoServer 2.0.2. This release includes almost 100 bugfixes and new features. As previously mentioned, GeoServer now provides support for Oracle Georaster, custom database layouts for […]

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