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REST API Code Sprint Prep

In our previous blog post we highlighted the GeoServer Code Sprint 2017 taking place at the of this month. We are all looking forward to GeoSolutions hosting us in beautiful Tuscany and have lots of work to do. One of the secrets (and this comes as no surprise) to having a successful code sprint is being prepared. With this […]

Online GeoServer Bug Stomp

Dear Readers, a quick post to spread the word about the Online GeoServer Bug Stomp which will take place this Friday, the 22nd of July 2016. Developers as well as users from the GeoServer community will gather online to spend up to a full day (in their timezone) on tasks like: Reviewing JIRA Reports to […]

Java Code Sprint

Day 1 Quality Assurance Thanks to the foss4g and WhereCampPDX for Automated Testing with CITE Team Engine Andrea and Justin have lead the charge updating the GeoServer CITE tests (see Cite Sprint). The goals are initially modest: enable developers (other than Justin) to setup and run CITE tests. Justin is working on updating our “easy to […]

GeoServer Sunday Sprint (FOSS4G)

Back in March we had a Save the Date post for FOSS4G 2014 in Portland. Check your travel plans include participating in the Code Sprint at the end of the conference. The code sprint is an opportunity for the team to get together and work on “tough problems without funding”. For GeoServer we have two candidates: […]

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