Monthly Archives: June 2007

Nightly GeoServer Builds

Another hint for those wanting the latest and greatest versions of GeoServer.  We’ve now got a nightly build server going, making snapshots of the latest code for the 1.5.x branch and trunk, at  We do our best to fix a raft of bugs for each new release, and downloading a nightly build will get […]

GeoRSS Coming Soon!

The GeoServer team has been hard at work fixing bugs for the upcoming 1.5.2 release. However its not all bug fixes. One very exciting new feature is the addition of GeoRSS as an output format. The addition of GeoRSS makes the process of creating your own map mashup with GeoServer as simple as ever. Simply […]

Join us on IRC

Just a quick note, which I’m putting in the ‘Tips and Tricks’ category, since it’s a trick to get quick feedback from the GeoServer community.  For many years the core GeoServer developers were not good at maintaining a consistent presence on IRC, which is used heavily in many open source projects.  We’d run meetings there, […]

GeoServer ArcSDE Rasters in GeoServer-1.5.1

With the recent release of GeoServer-1.5.1, the GeoServer ArcSDE Extension has gained the ability to serve ArcSDE raster datasets, as well as the vector datasets it’s been serving so far. Detailed instructions can be found on the GeoServer ArcSDE Plugin page, and if any crack coders out there want to see support for more ArcSDE […]

GeoServer 1.5.1 ready for download

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the latest release in the stable 1.5.x series. It’s great to see GeoServer settling to be a really mature project, as most of the changes done for 1.5.1 were actually improvements instead of bug fixes. The big change is that we’re shipping with OpenLayers as our default preview […]

Welcome SoC Students

As many may know GeoServer is one of the many open source projects involved in this years Google Summer of Code initiative. We are very pleased to announce that two GeoServer based projects were accepted and would like to congratulate those students who submitted proposals on a job well done. Christopher Whitney will be working […]

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