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GeoServer Certified Compliant for WCS 1.0 and will serve as WCS 1.1 Reference Implementation

The GeoServer Project is pleased to announce that we have been certified compliant by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the Web Coverage Service 1.0 specification. The majority of this great work was contributed by GeoSolutions, and we are pleased that the quality is now completely certified by the OGC, as it passes all CITE […]

TOPP hires Tim Schaub of OpenLayers

The Open Planning Project (TOPP), the main sponsor of GeoServer development, has just hired Tim Schaub, an active member of the OpenLayers Project Steering Committee. He will start work July 23. GeoServer has always been focused on standards on the server side, and its been great to see OpenLayers emerge as an extremely capable front […]

Latest GeoServer Release: 1.6.0-beta2

The GeoServer Team is pleased to announce the latest 1.6.x release: 1.6.0-beta2. We are hoping that our next release in this series will be a release candidate, so please help us out with testing as we work towards complete stability and reliability. This release should actually be quite solid, but it’s also got some major […]

GeoServer Training in East Africa

Mick Wilson, who I had the pleasure of meeting while I was doing a fellowship in Zambia, has been doing some great blogging lately about the progress in building a Spatial Data Infrastructure in East Africa.  His latest entry talks about a hands on training they ran, setting up GeoServer with PostGIS, uDig and qGIS.  […]

GeoJSON output for GeoServer

I’ve just uploaded a new GeoJSON plug-in for GeoServer, enabling JSON output for any WFS request.  The plug-in is definitely compatible with all versions of GeoServer 1.5.x, and will likely work with 1.4.x as well.  This was a breeze to write, which is a testament to the nice design of GeoServer and to the strength […]

First beta of GeoServer 1.6.x now available.

The long awaited first beta release of the 1.6.x series has just been uploaded to SourceForge, go to the download page to grab your copy. The main thrust of this release is full support for WFS 1.1, completed as part of the CITE thread in OGC’s OWS-4 testbed. A number of other cutting edge features […]

GeoServer in Triboro RX

Mike Frumin, who has been actively working with GeoServer and OpenLayers the past few months, has just released the culmination of his work for the Regional Planning Association. In his write up on his blog he includes a number of pictures that were generated by GeoServer, and links to a really nice OpenLayers application, as […]

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