Monthly Archives: February 2008

GeoServer User's Map

Since I have been the intern at The Open Planning Project for a couple of months, I think that its about time I introduce myself and what I have been up to. First the introductions. I am Ivan Willig, an undergrad at College of the Atlantic and currently studying urban planning. Now to my work. […]

Announcing GeoWebCache 0.6.0

GeoWebCache is finally out in the open and announced on and other pages. This should really have happened a long time ago, and there are many reasons for why it didn’t, but I am very excited about the current momentum. GeoWebCache, is a tile cache, meaning it acts as a proxy between the client […]

GeoServer 1.6.0

The GeoServer team is excited to announce that GeoServer 1.6.0 has been released. There are a host of advances from 1.5.x, and many GeoServer users have been testing the release candidates and giving us great feedback, so this final release should be very stable. Foremost among the improvements is a huge performance increase in the […]

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