Monthly Archives: March 2008

TOPP hires Andreas Hocevar of OpenLayers

The Open Planning Project (TOPP), the main sponsor of GeoServer development, is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Andreas Hocevar, one of the top five committers of OpenLayers, the default front end mapping engine for GeoServer.  Andreas has been doing a lot of work in OpenLayers on SLD, the open standard to style maps, […]

GeoServer in Google Summer of Code

Just wanted to get a quick note in the blog, that Google Summer of Code is now open for student applications. GeoServer is participating as part of OSGeo‘s project. We participated last year as well, and had a great success with Chris Whitney’s JTileCache project, which has since evolved in to GeoWebcache. There is the […]

Book report: GIS for Web Developers

Greetings all. I am new to the GIS world. Well, not entirely. I’ve been an avid map fan since I was a wee lad, and to this day I own a small but extensive collection of Rand McNally Road Atlases. Fast forward the tape a bit, and here I am at The Open Planning Project, […]

GeoServer site migration: please update your bookmarks

Many of you have likely noticed that the main GeoServer site is migrating from to the much easier to remember This has been a long running process, that we’re finally approaching the end of. We were hoping to have automatic redirection from the old site to the new, but are waiting on a […]

Introducing Mike Pumphrey

Though he’s already snuck in a blog post, I want to give a warm welcome to Mike Pumphrey, the new ‘outreach engineer’ at TOPP, who we’re going to see a lot more of on this blog. His role is still being defined, but he’s basically here as a resource to the community, to help out […]

GeoWebCache 0.7.2

Just a quick shout: The .war for GeoWebCache 0.7.0 was accidentally compiled using a mixture of Java versions and was therefore quietly replaced with 0.7.1 the same morning. Since then Andrea and Jason have been busy reporting bugs, most of which have been closed. Updates include the return of JAI, support for vendor specific parameters […]

GeoWebCache 0.7.1

GeoWebCache 0.7.1 is out on SourceForge. There was an issue with the WAR file, so the release has been bumped by .1 since last night. The actual code diff to 0.6.0 is 3746 lines (excluding openlayers and the formatter.xml), so there is a substantial number of changes under the hood. One of the main things […]

GeoServer 1.6.2 upgrade: security release

GeoServer 1.6.2 is now available for download here. This is a Security Release, which means it contains fixes for two Security Vulnerabilities. We highly recommend that you upgrade to this version. We found out about both these vulnerabilities in the past couple days, and made an effort to fix them and get this release out […]

GeoServer 1.6.1 Released!

The GeoServer team announces the release of GeoServer version 1.6.1! Here are some of the highlights in this release: GeoServer now supports FeatureType aliases, which allows for the creating of friendly names for unwieldy FeatureTypes. Also, support has been added for limiting (per FeatureType) the maximum number of features that can be requested by a […]

GeoServer Featured in GIS Development

Early this year I submitted an article to GIS Development and it got published in the February issue!! You can check out the article here. Let us know what you think.

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