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Raster Symbolizer tricks – part 1

I am going to bother for a few mins in order to show a few things about the raster symbolizer implementation that has landed on 1.7. Ideally this should the first of a series of more posts, but I can’t guarantee on that :-). Anyway, today I have been playing with some bathymetry data for […]

Italian Civil Protection National Spatial Data Infrastructure trusts GeoServer!

Quoting from the geoSDI web site, “geoSDI is the complete solution for Spatial Data Infrastructure used by the Italian National Civil Protection Department. The geoSDI solution is based on Open Source Technologies and was born to allow the real time geospatial data sharing between the Functional Centers of the Italian Civil Protection Department, being OGC […]

Beware of Raster styling changes with 1.7 series

Starting with the 1.7.0 release GeoServer comes with a pretty decent (well, at least IMHO 🙂 ) implementation of the SLD 1.0 RasterSymbolizer element (check here for a technical discussion on the implementation). On a side this means that we can try to style raster data as well as verctor data. On the other side, […]

Support for SQL Server

The GeoServer team is happy to announce an extension for Microsoft SQL Server, currently available as a nightly build. Instructions for getting the extension up and running are available on the wiki. At this point the extension is still quite young and is missing some key features like spatial indexing and support for well known […]

GeoServer Developers Map

GeoServer is a open source project, developed and supported by a diverse group of people from around the world. To highlight this, OpenGeo has built a simple map showing the locations of GeoServer developers. Each developer’s location is marked with a blue point. Clicking on that point will produce a pop-up with the developer’s name […]

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