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Month in Review: October 2012

Below you’ll find some highlights of GeoServer news and content from the last month. If we’ve missed anything please comment on this post and we’ll make sure to include your news in the upcoming month. Adding Layers to GeoServer Using the REST API (OpenGeo) The State Of GeoServer 2012 (Jody Garnett) Creating dynamic contour maps […]

GeoServer 2.2.1 Released

The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.2.1, now available for download. A lot of fixes, improved security sub-system and new stable version of GeoWebcache included. Enjoy! The GeoServer Team. Changes GEOS-5279 (detail) Improved IM filter junit tests (detail) added check for null readParameters and fix format (detail) Layout fixes for […]

What browsers do you use with GeoServer?

On the GeoServer developer list we’ve been discussing reducing browser support in the GeoServer web administration console – browser-based clients using OpenLayers and other JavaScript mapping libraries would be unaffected but the admin console would have support for fewer browsers.  Please help inform this decision by letting us know which browsers you are using to […]

Month in Review: September 2012

There was some very interesting GeoServer-related content published  throughout this summer and into the fall. Individuals and organizations are working hard on the project, and making news daily. Below you’ll find some highlights from the last few months: GeoServer 2.2 Released (GeoServer) GeoServer has moved to GitHub (GeoServer) Surface Interpolation in GeoServer (OpenGeo) Using GeoServer’s […]

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