Monthly Archives: June 2015

GeoServer XEE Vulnerability

GeoServer has encountered an XML External Entity (XEE) vulnerability permitting an unauthenticated read access to server files. This vulnerability GEOS-7032 is addressed in the following releases and we strongly encourage all users to upgrade: GeoServer (bin, war, dmg and exe) – stable release GeoServer 2.6.4 (bin, war, dmg and exe) – maintenance release GeoServer (bin, war, and exe) Thanks to Ben Caradoc-Davies […]

GeoServer 2.6.4 Released

The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.6.4. Download bundles are provided (bin, war, dmg and exe) along with documentation and extensions. GeoServer 2.6.4 is a maintenance release of GeoServer recommended for production deployment. This release contains IMPORTANT SECURITY FIXES so please upgrade. Thanks to everyone who took part by contributing fixes, new functionality, and […]

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