Monthly Archives: September 2018

GeoServer the most popular choice for Brazil SDI

Last week the Brazilian government released a list of government agencies that have already implemented their spatial data infrastructure (SDI). This list has 21 agencies, and the interesting thing is that 18 out of 21 use GeoServer in their SDI. Brazil has a 2008 decree, which establishes the creation of spatial data infrastructure by government […]

Java 2018 Code Sprint

Java 11 is released tomorrow! GeoServer has a window until January 2019 before Java 8 is no longer officially supported! To make the transition the GeoServer team is setting up a Java 2018 Code Sprint – and we need your support to help enough participants attend! October 22-26th Groups gathering in North America, Europe and Oceania With recent […]

GeoServer 2.14.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.14.0. Downloads are available (zip, war, and exe) along with docs and extensions. This is the first stable release of the 2.14 series of GeoServer, and is recommended for all production systems. With this release, the 2.13 series moves to maintenance, and the 2.12 series moves to unsupported. This release is […]

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