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GeoServer and OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a free and editable map of the world.  Founded in 2004 in the United Kingdom in response to the need for a free geospatial data source, it is a community-driven project, allowing for anyone to edit and contribute information.   It has since grown to include data from almost all countries in the world.  The […]

GeoServer Developers Map

GeoServer is a open source project, developed and supported by a diverse group of people from around the world. To highlight this, OpenGeo has built a simple map showing the locations of GeoServer developers. Each developer’s location is marked with a blue point. Clicking on that point will produce a pop-up with the developer’s name […]

GeoServer User's Map

Since I have been the intern at The Open Planning Project for a couple of months, I think that its about time I introduce myself and what I have been up to. First the introductions. I am Ivan Willig, an undergrad at College of the Atlantic and currently studying urban planning. Now to my work. […]

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