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Book report: GIS for Web Developers

Greetings all. I am new to the GIS world. Well, not entirely. I’ve been an avid map fan since I was a wee lad, and to this day I own a small but extensive collection of Rand McNally Road Atlases. Fast forward the tape a bit, and here I am at The Open Planning Project, […]

WarViews: Powered by GeoServer, OpenLayers and Google Earth

Though I admit the name made me a bit scared, Andrea Aime pointed out a really nice use of some of our favorite platforms in the ‘WarViews’ project.  No, it’s not some geolocated remote missile camera, it’s a project by the International Conflict Research (IRC) group at a Swiss university that attempts to show more […]

GeoServer Training in East Africa

Mick Wilson, who I had the pleasure of meeting while I was doing a fellowship in Zambia, has been doing some great blogging lately about the progress in building a Spatial Data Infrastructure in East Africa.  His latest entry talks about a hands on training they ran, setting up GeoServer with PostGIS, uDig and qGIS.  […]

GeoServer in Triboro RX

Mike Frumin, who has been actively working with GeoServer and OpenLayers the past few months, has just released the culmination of his work for the Regional Planning Association. In his write up on his blog he includes a number of pictures that were generated by GeoServer, and links to a really nice OpenLayers application, as […]

Web Processing Service (WPS) demos with GeoServer

Theodor Foerster, of 52North and ITC, has been leveraging GeoServer in his work on generalization of geospatial data using the new Web Processing Service specification. He recently posted some nice new work, including updates to the Web Processing Service web app, as well as a new WPS client written as a plug-in to uDig. Awhile […]

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